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Friday, July 27, 2012

What is an Infrared Relay System?

To better understand how our Infrared Relay System works, it best to first explain the difference between Radio Frequency (RF) and Infrared (IR) commands.  Radio frequency commands can go through wood.  A garage door opener uses RF commands to open the garage door.  Infrared commands cannot go through wood.  IR commands must have direct line of sight with IR sensor lights.   In order to change channels on a cable box, the remote has to be pointed directly at the cable box sensor light.

With most AV electronics operating on IR commands, how is one supposed to operate AV components if hidden within a TV lift cabinet?  The answer to that question is to use the Infrared Relay System.

The Infrared Relay System consists of a receiver eye, output flasher lights (known to us as emitters), hub, and transformer power cord.  In each of our storage TV lift consoles, we install a barely visible receiver eye at the front of the cabinet.  Behind the cabinet doors, emitters are already built into the cabinet side walls next to shelves.  Both the emitters and receiver eye all get plugged into the little hub.  The transformer power cord feeds power to the hub which in turn feeds power to connected emitters and receiver eye.

How does it work?

The receiver eye relays IR commands from TV remote down to the flashing emitters, which in term ping the command to the correct electronic device.  For instance, if user wishes to change channel to station 10, all the user needs to do is point the remote at cabinet.  The receiver eye located in front will relay the command to emitter and the emitter will bounce the command signal to cable box.  The cable box receives command and channel is changed to station 10.

The IR Relay System allows console owners the ability to watch television without seeing their electronics.  Electronics can remain hidden at all times.  Simply plug and play!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Product Focus of the Week: The Traveler TV Lift Cabinet

Our Traveler TV lift cabinet gets transformed!  We have made modifications to our Traveler TV lift cabinet which include adding a finished backside to match the front of the cabinet.  No longer does this cabinet have to be a wall flower.  This cabinet can now be used at the foot of the bed or free standing.  We have also added caster wheels to the base of the cabinet for easy mobility.  A heavy duty rack and pinion lift machine silently lowers and raises television plus two electronic components.  The lift machine can hold TVs as large as 46” and has surge-protected onboard power for both TV and electronics.

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The Traveler is truly a handsome devil. It is beautifully crafted out of solid maple wood with a hand applied rich tobacco finish and decorative brass hardware.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

DirecTV Subscribers Still Suffering Through Viacom Blackout

The battle between DirecTV and Viacom continues.  This is not good news for our TV lift customers who have DirecTV.  Viacom claims DirecTV won’t work with them to renew contract terms.  They claim that the renewal plans put forth our fair.  It is evident they wish to increase DirecTV’s fee structure.  Viacom states the fee increase is consistent to what their other distributors have to pay for Viacom Channels.  According to Nomura Analyst Michael Nathanson, he estimates that most distributors pay a fee of $3 per subscriber per month whereas DirecTV only paid $2.25 per subscriber per month up until last week.  Viacom wishes to increase their fee to what they claim is only “a couple of pennies per day per subscriber”.

However DirecTV states, when added up, this is a 30% fee increase.  They also state that Viacom’s renewal plans force them to add channels they don’t want. "Viacom insists that we carry the EPIX channel at an additional cost of more than half a billion dollars," the company wrote. "We know our customers don't want to pay such an extreme price for an extra channel, they simply want the ones they had returned to them".

Viacom rebuts this statement by saying that they had two renewal plans on the table one with EPIX channel included and one without.  It is unclear though what the fee structural was for both renewal plans.  The bottom line is it does not look like these two companies are going to agree on terms anytime in the near future.

Who suffers from this blackout?  Everyone involved, but who gets the short end of the stick?  That would be DirecTV subscribers.

Sneak Peek of New Destinations TV Lift Cabinet

Joining our eclectic trunk collection of TV lift cabinets - is the Destinations TV lift cabinet.  This handsome steamer trunk is finished in high end quality khaki canvas and framed with beautifully distressed hardwood slats.   Meticulously hand hammered antique nail heads can be found within wood slats along with brass accents.  The Destinations has leather corners and handles.  The lift will accommodate up to a 46” TV and house room for two electronic components.  The Destinations TV lift cabinet will retail at $2499.  If interested in preordering this cabinet, please call our office at 877-377-5435.

Need Help Selecting Your TV Lift Cabinet?

Selecting furniture for your home can be stressful, especially if you are selecting furniture online.  However, here at TVLiftCabinet.com, we have been successfully selling TV lift consoles online for more than 10 years.  What is the secret to our success?

The secret is making sure our customers feel comfortable shopping with us.  How do we achieve this?  Well, for starters we provide helpful tools to assist our customers with their decision making process.  We can send wood stain samples on any of our TV lift cabinets to our customers.  By having the samples in hand at their homes, our customers can determine if the color will work with their home d├ęcor.

We also provide detail dimension drawings on all our TV lift cabinets.  The drawings can be found under the Specification Tab on each product page.  Below is a screenshot demonstrating where to locate drawing on our website.

Having the interior and exterior dimensions on a cabinet can help customers determine whether the cabinet will work in the space they had in mind and whether their electronic equipment will fit in storage space compartments.  If customers are still unsure whether cabinet will work within their home, we recommend using cardboard and building a rough model cutout of the TV lift console dimensions.  While one person holds the cardboard model up, another person can stand back and see if the dimensions will work within space.

Customers can also call us at 877-377-5435 to speak to a live person.  It is always refreshing to have a knowledgeable Customer Service Representative there to assist you with your questions.

Ultimately, we are successful because we take the stress out of shopping for furniture.  We can achieve this by educating our customers on our products and offering them excellent customer service.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Viacom Channels No Longer Offered to DirecTV Subscribers

It is a sad day for the DirecTV subscribers.  Today all their Viacom channels have been cancelled.  Viacom channels include VH1, MTV, Nickelodeon, and TV Land.  According to Viacom, DirecTV had until midnight last night to renew their contract.  Viacom claims the proposal DirecTV put forth was lower than the industry standard and not a fair deal.

DirecTV did not budge on their position and as of this morning all Viacom channels were dropped.  For our TV lift cabinet owners who happen to be one of the 20 million DirecTV subscribers, you may wish to contact DirecTV and voice your concern.  Currently, Viacom is urging subscribers to do just that in the hopes that this will force DirecTV back to the negotiation table.

For now though, it is at a stalemate.

Yes, We Do Custom Designed Cabinets

While we have quite an impressive selection of small and large TV lift cabinets, every once in a while we have customers that wish for us to build custom.  Below is the latest custom project we worked on.

We had a lovely repeat customer from Maryland who contacted us in need of a foot of the bed TV lift cabinet.  While she liked the design of our smaller Carousel White TV lift cabinet, the width of the cabinet was too short for her vision.  She wanted a foot of the bed TV lift cabinet that’s width extended out to match her king size headboard.  The solution was to create the Carousel king foot of the bed TV lift cabinet.

This cabinet is already in our production pipeline and is scheduled to be released in near future. However, we tweaked the design slightly for this customer and raised the height of the cabinet.  The customer’s mattress was higher off the ground than most.  In order for her to have direct line of sight with electronics we raised the cabinet height so that the front cubby hole designed to store AV components, was higher than her mattress. Below are pictures of the final result.












If you have a specific design in mind or need to meet certain dimension requirements, please call our office at 877-377-5435 for a custom design consultation.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Product Focus of the Week: Kensington TV Lift Cabinet

This week we bring to you the Kensington.  The Kensington TV lift cabinet is the epitome of sophistication.  This cabinet features a rich warm, inviting brown finish that beautifully showcases the quality of the wood grain.

The Kensington cabinet’s front doors open up to plenty of storage space to tuck away electronic equipment, movies, toys, and games.  The center drawer  of cabinet comes with interchangeable wood and speaker cloth panels for those who wish to house center channel speakers or a single speaker surround system.  The cabinet features a heavy duty built-in, rack and pinion lift mechanism that quietly raises and lowers television. The lift mechanism is designed to accommodate TVs up to 55".

The KensingtonTV lift cabinet  also features  our Infrared Relay System.  With our IR system, you can operate your electronics without having to see them.  The electronics can remain out of sight behind cabinet doors.  Simply sit back and enjoy!

Tao TV Lift Cabinet Offered in New Edgier Red Finish

Our Tao TV lift cabinet is very soon going to be offered in an edgier red finish.  If you are looking for a piece of furniture with a bold presence, than this beautiful TV lift cabinet could be the perfect match.

The Tao features Asian inspired antique brass hardware to compliment the red paint finish of the cabinet.  The main doors are kept closed by a swinging latch but open up to plenty of storage space. Behind the doors are adjustable ventilated shelves made of wood and scratch resistant finish. Your electronics, books, videos and games can all be neatly tucked away.

The Tao Red has a built-in heavy duty rack and pinion Uplift 3700 residential grade lift machine that can easily fit TVs ranging between 37” to 55”.  Our IR relay system can also be found within this cabinet.  The IR Relay System receives commands transmitted from your cable remote and relays the commands to your electronics within cabinet.  The system makes it possible for you to operate your electronics behind closed doors.

The new Tao Red will be available in approximately 45 days.  Would you like to be the first one to order?  If so, call our office at 561-417-0999.