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Friday, June 29, 2012

Product Focus of the week: Discovery TV Lift Cabinet

Are you looking for a beautiful affordable TV lift cabinet?  This week we are highlighting our Discovery TV lift cabinet.  This cabinet is made of select hardwood and veneers.  It features hand applied antique brown stain finish with solid brass hardware.  Plenty of storage can be found with the right side bookcase.  Cabinet has a built-in heavy duty rack and pinion TV lift that can accommodate up to a 46” TV.  The Discovery is priced to move at only $1599.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sharp Builds Largest LED TV at 90"

Bigger is better, right?  Sharp Corporation seems to think so.  Sharp introduced today its latest product, the world’s largest LED TV. The 90" LED TV dimensions are 48”H x 96” W x 5” D.  That is four feet tall averaging higher than most children.  Quite impressive!  This TV features a 1080p resolution, is 3-D ready, and has SmartCentral Service for Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus apps.  Two pairs of 3-D glasses also come with TV for you and a guest to enjoy 3-D movies.

This TV while impressive does come with a hefty price tag.  The TV is being retailed at $10,999.99.  Yes, it is definitely a luxury product. The TV also is difficult to conceal.  This TV will not fit into a standard TV lift cabinet. If you wish to only see the television when watching shows and then hide once not in use, then this TV may not work for your needs .  Of course, if you can afford to buy one of these TVs, then one would reason that you can also afford to build a extremely large custom cabinet.  So is bigger better?  If you have the money, yes, it most certainly is.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Customer Spotlight - Larry and Pat from Oklahoma

Larry and Pat were interested in purchasing our Carousel Brown TV lift cabinet.  However after seeing the stain wood sample in the mail, they discovered the brown stain was not going to work with the rest of their furniture.

I informed Larry that if he gave us a picture of his bed room furniture, we could have our factory get a stain that was within 90% of the exact color of his furniture.  Larry ended up sending me something better than a photo - he mailed me his actual cabinet door.  From there the factory began working on his custom stained cabinet.  The cabinet was completed on time and shipped to Larry and Pat's home.  Below is Larry’s feedback to us along with home photo.

“Please do pass our thanks and complements to the person that did our finish match.  We're just thrilled w/everything about the product and your execution of our order.  It could not have been a better experience from order placement through delivery and installation.

Exactly as you said, the cabinet electronics pop the TV up and down in automated response to the TV coming on and off by its internal timer we have set.  It all works exactly as planned and looks just great.

The next time you have a customer concerned about your ability to match finish, I suggest you send them these photos.”










Thank you, Larry for the kind words and for sharing your beautiful home photos with us.  It was a joy working with you on this project.  We hope you and Pat enjoy your cabinet for many years to come.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Product Focus of the Week: The Crystal Pointe Brown TV Lift Cabinet

The Crystal Pointe Brown is one of our best sellers and it is no wonder.  With rich mahogany stained wood, exquisitely carved corner pillars and classic traditional appearance, this TV lift cabinet is beautiful!

The Crystal Pointe is finished on all four sides.  The front side is mirror imaged on back side to create a stunning piece of furniture from any angle in the room.  As a result, this cabinet can be used at the foot of the bed, against a wall or free standing.  The cabinet also has two bottom drawers that are reversible to be opened from front or back depending on where cabinet is positioned in room.  The drawers hold two electronic components comfortably.

The Crystal Pointe Brown comes with motorized rack and pinion TV lift mechanism and our Infrared Relay System.  The built in IR system relays commands down to your electronic components without you ever having to see electrics.  The electrics such as cable box and dvd player can remain neatly tucked away in bottom drawers. Thus leaving you with no clutter, easy remote control lift operated machine and one beautiful looking cabinet.

Gaming Companies Provide Streaming Services to TV Manufacturers

According to Cisco’s latest annual Visual Networking Index report, online Internet traffic will reach 1.3 zettabytes by 2016, which is four times more than what we use today. At peak traffic time, Internet will reach 720 Tbps in 2016. Cisco reports this is the equivalent of 600 million people streaming Internet high-definition video simultaneously.  That is a lot of people streaming videos and Cisco is not the only one who is noticing.

Streaming has definitely become the preferred method for people to watch content.  In a generation that expects instant gratification, why would we wait to download content before watching on our TV lift cabinet?  As media giants fight to compete for content licensing for their streaming video services, gaming companies are also partnering up with TV manufacturers to offer game streaming.

At the E3 2012 conference this year, Gaikai announced they are partnering with Samsung to provide Samsung Smart TV’s with streaming game service.  This will be available as a software update for the 2012 models.  Also OnLive has made a similar deal with LG for their app driven TVs. The days of downloading and storing software to PCs are disappearing.  Streaming videos and games on the go is the way of the future, especially when over 30% of Internet usage will be coming from Non-PC devices by 2016.  It only makes sense for Gaming companies to follow consumer trends and provide the streaming services for their customers.