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Friday, March 30, 2012

Shipping Cabinets outside the Continental United States

Do you live outside the continental United States and want to know how much it would cost to ship one of our TV lift cabinets to your home?  For our Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and overseas customers, we can provide shipping quotes to you.  Simply email us at info@tvliftcabinet.com or call us at 877-377-5435. We will need the following information from you.

  • Shipping address

  • Name, email address, and phone number

  • Cabinet choice

Please note that shipping quotes can take up to 48 hours to obtain.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is the TV Antenna Making a Comeback?

Recently, newspapers across the country have been featuring a deceiving ad that looks more like a news article about Clear Cast’s “Razor thin” indoor digital HDTV antenna.  Clear Cast claims their antenna will allow consumers to enjoy up to 900 shows on their TV Lift Cabinet.  This new invention is being offered to consumers for only $38.  Once consumers purchase satellite antenna they will never have to pay for television again.

Is this too good to be true? Well, yes and no.  Sure with the indoor antenna consumers may be able to get basic television, but this “new invention” isn’t really new.  The satellite antenna is no different than the “bunny ear” antennas our grandparents used on their televisions.  The only new adaptation of Clear Cast’s antenna from grandma’s antenna is that their antenna can be suction cupped to a window.

Google search results show cheaper antennas can be found at Radio Shack and Wal-Mart for under $10.  While antennas can work, the success rates vary.  Consumers who live in cities will have better success than those who live in remote places.  For consumers who wish to go old school and try antenna, it is best to stick with a cheaper antenna and test results first, then to buy with Clear Cast.  It is essential the same technology.




Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Product Focus of the Week: Samuel TV Lift Cabinet

The Samuel TV Lift Cabinet is 100% USA made.  Made out of maple wood, this clean lined cabinet is finished in a rich espresso coffee bean color and accented with dark antiqued metal hardware.  The Samuel has a built-in TV lift to accommodate TV and up to two electronic components.  Cabinet also features cord management holes for easy wiring and has plenty of ventilation ensuring equipment remains cool.  TV Lift Cabinet dimensions are 50”W x 19 ¼” D x 38 7/8”H.  The Samuel fits up to most 46” TVs.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Samsung Introduces New Smart TV Beating Apple to the Punch

Samsung just unveiled its latest 5th generation Smart TV at a press conference in NY 24 hours before Apple was to announce their latest innovations. The new Samsung Smart TV, which will work beautifully within a TV lift cabinet, has all the latest user interface technology.  The Smart TV allows the user to operate TV using their voice, hands, or face.

How does each work?  The voice command is programmed to recognize your voice.  Simply tell TV to “open Skype app” and the TV will open Skype onto the screen. For users who wish to be remote free, they can gesture with hands to operate the TV. They can wave hand over an app and squeeze hand to click on the app desired.  This will open up app. The Smart TV can also setup individual user profiles for each family member and store profiles in the TV’s memory.  The family member can activate their profile with their face.  The family member simply stands in front of TV, lets the TV scan face, and voila!  The family member’s profile appears with favorite apps ready to go.

This smart technology will be offered in Samsung’s LED edge-lit ES8000 LCD series this month starting at $5,099 for 65” TV and priced as low as $2,999 for 46” TV.  Samsung’s perfect timing of its release of this Smart TV in front a room full of reporters, has definitely made it impossible for another company to claim “prior use” on these features.  While everyone was focused on Apple, Samsung quietly was able to sneak in and steal the show.  Samsung = 1, Apple = 0.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Product Focus of the Week: The Phoenix TV Lift Cabinet

The Phoenix TV lift cabinet is one of our "Made in the U.S.A" TV lift cabinets.  The Phoenix is handcrafted of solid maple wood and finished in a nice rich tobacco stain.  It is accented with antique brass finished hardware, adding the right touch of sophistication to this cabinet.  The Phoenix has plenty of room to house a TV up to 46".  The lift machine preinstalled within cabinet has a two-tray set up for TV to sit on top tray and the electronics to ride on tray directly below.  At the bottom of cabinet are two pre-cut holes on right and left side to feed cords through to wall outlet. TV lift cabinets dimensions: 49-1/2”W x 19-1/4”D x 38-3/4”H.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is Internet-Based Television the Way of the Future?

Intel Corp. has announced its plans to offer an Internet-based television service to consumers in the United States.  Intel has been pitching to media companies their plan to create a virtual cable operator that would offer U.S. TV channels over the internet as a bundled service.

Intel is just one of many in recent months that have announced plans to offer internet based program service in the U.S.  Netflix, Inc. paved the way for internet video streaming service back in 2008 offering Starz Play, where their subscribers could watch Starz Entertainment movies and television shows on their TV lift cabinets.  Now Hulu Plus, Amazon, Google, and Apple all are fighting for a piece of the pie in the online television market.  Some are following Netflix’s model and adopting to purchase video content.  Others like Intel are trying to push to offer live television through internet.  It is clear these companies all see television channels and video content being broadcast through the internet in the future and are rushing to be the first ones in line to offer this service to consumers.

However, all these companies face the same two hurdles – high price of TV programming and lack of quality video content.  Media companies are fighting to hold their rights over their programs and are reluctant to switch over from cable and satellite programming to internet-based.  Right now all major players have met resistance from media companies.  While Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon have made some progress in obtaining TV content deals it is still mostly “B” rated or lower content shows.  Also these content deals are not cheap.  These companies are paying billions just to build up their online libraries.

While the way of the future for television points in the direction of being broadcast via the internet, it may take some time to overcome hurdles.  If media companies continue to blockade progress, then Intel and the others may be forced to start producing their own television shows.

Product Focus of the Week: Kensington TV Lift Cabinet

Our beautiful Kensington TV Lift Cabinet is a favorite among city dwellers and sea captains.  Finished in a warm brown, this traditional cabinet is slightly narrower than most TV lift cabinets at a depth of 22 ¾”, making it a great solution for tight spaces.  We recently had ship captains interested in this cabinet due to the traditional look and the ability to fit through their 24” hallways.

The Kensington features an integrated heavy-duty, rack and pinion drive TV lift mechanism that silently lowers the TV into the cabinet.  The maximum TV dimensions are 51-3/4"W x 5"D x 32 3/4"H.  An infrared relay system is pre-installed within the Kensington.  Our IR system allows TV viewers to operate their AV components behind closed doors.

The Kensington offers plenty of storage.  Three cabinet drawers open up to reveal adjustable shelving.  This space is perfect for storing books, AV components and other collectibles.  The center drawer features interchangeable wood and speaker cloth panels.  This drawer can be used for center channel speakers as well as single speaker surround systems.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beautiful Wine Bar TV Lift Cabinet

Check out our newest cabinet sample.  This gorgeous oak Wine Bar TV lift cabinet has never been used.  The TV lift cabinet doubles as a wine bar.  It has a wine rack down below and storage for glasses.  There is also three pull out cutting boards to slice cheese, limes, or use as a serving tray.  The bottom three drawers pull out for extra storage.  There is an Uplift 3700 lift mechanism inside to accommodate up to a 55” TV.  The cabinet dimensions are 60”W x 27 1/2” D x 38 7/8” H.  This sample is being sold “as is” condition for only $2000.  Normally, this large cabinet would sell for well over $2500.  As this is a sample model we only have this one to sell.  Hurry and be the first to claim it! Call our office at 561-417-0999 to place order.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Apple Butts Head with TV Content Providers

In order for Apple Inc. to carry out Steve Jobs’ TV vision to have Smart TVs available for TV Lift Cabinets, they need to secure TV content.  However, they aren’t getting the streaming video content they need.  The reason is they are not playing nice with TV content providers.

Apparently, Apple wants to call all the shots and dictate the price they pay for premium content.  TV content providers are not feeling as generous.  One executive complained that Apple wants “everything for nothing”.  Already TV content providers have blocked others from streaming video content.  TV networks blocked Google TV from streaming video on their website and Netflix lost Starz content this month.

TV content providers hold the higher hand.   If Apple wishes to bring the Smart TV to every living room, they are going to have to be a little lenient on their wish list and bring more cash to the negotiating table.