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Friday, January 27, 2012

Netflix Stock Rises After Suprisingly Good 4th Quarter

Is Netflix making a comeback?  Netflix, Inc. saw its stock go up in value yesterday after the company was able to secure more U.S. based subscribers than expected in their fourth quarter.

Netflix has suffered in recent months after they announced an aggressive price increase which split its DVD mail-service from its streaming video service.  The price increase outraged many of their existing customers causing 600,000 subscribers to cancel their plans and its stock to plummet.

It looks like the company is slowly climbing its way out of the hole.  It is reported that the company added 610,000 new subscribers in the United States, increasing revenue by 47 percent to $876 million. Netflix’s plan is to offer more content for customers to stream to their TV lift cabinets.

Analysts doubt that Netflix will be able to return completely to their glory days as there is now too much competition in the market with Amazon and Hulu Plus gaining momentum.  Netflix casually dismissed their competition but it should be interesting to see which way viewers will sway.  Ultimately the winning company will be the one that has the best streaming content to offer customers.    With this in mind, Netflix is spending their money wisely to acquire more relevant movies and TV programs to their streaming business.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ooh La La! – Introducing the Belle TV Lift Cabinet

Very soon we will be introducing our newest TV Lift Cabinet – The Belle.  This French country inspired TV lift cabinet is a Designer’s crowning jewel.  The Belle is hand carved and finished on all four sides.  It can be used at the foot of the bed, against the wall or free standing.  The Belle comes in three different paint finishes – cream, robin’s egg blue (which is featured to the right), and black.  The top lid of each cabinet is stained in a rich mahogany brown.  The finish technique is hand applied by our artisans over several days giving each cabinet a beautiful antique look.

The lift mechanism is fully assembled within cabinet with a large component tray that rides below the TV affording space for 2 electronic components.  Wire management holes are pre-cut at the bottom of cabinet to run cable wires from cabinet to wall/surge protector outlet.  Maximum TV Size dimensions are 44”W x 4 ¾”D x 28 7/8”H.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Solar Storm Unleashing Radiation on Earth’s Magnetic Field

The strongest radiation storm since 2005 is currently underway on the sun. The storm is being carefully monitored by NASA and several other observatories.  A solar flare from the storm reached Earth this morning at 9am with more radiation expected to bombard Earth’s magnetic field over the course of January 24-25.

What can you expect from the storm? If you live in the far north or south, expect to see more vibrant displays of the northern and southern lights. Intense light shows have already been observed over Northern England and Scotland. Radiation from the solar storm is expected to interfere with satellites. Whether or not it will affect TV broadcasts to your TV lift cabinet remains to be seen. However, communications and power grid interruptions are a common result of these storms. Solar flares can also be harmful to astronauts. NASA announced today that the astronauts currently in the International Space Station are not in danger. On Earth, polar flights have been grounded as a precaution.

A large flare erupted from the sun on Sunday. This flare was rated an M-9, which is just shy of the most powerful type of solar storm. The flare was the beginning of the solar storm, which in its entirety, has been rated only a 3 out of 5. According to Space.com, the sun’s activity works on an 11 year cycle with a “solar maximum” expected in 2013.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday?

This past Sunday was a great day for watching football.  The New England Patriots played the Baltimore Ravens, while the New York Giants faced off against the San Francisco 49ers.  Both games were incredibly close but in the end the Patriots and Giants were the victors.  Now Patriots and Giants will play for the Super Bowl Championship on Sunday, February 5th.  Are you ready for your Super Bowl party?

It is time to impress your friends this year with your TV Lift Cabinet.  Yes, that’s right. You have the large flat screen TV and the wow factor of the lift machine.  Of course, your house is the ultimate place to throw a Super Bowl party!  Now make sure to sport your team’s jersey, get the snacks and beverages ready and have that remote in hand. And just remember even if your team doesn’t win, you will still have bragging rights with your friends because you have a TV lift cabinet and they don’t.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Sanctuary TV Lift Bed

Our Sanctuary TV Lift Bed was recently featured in a Dallas news article entitled “Hidden TV How to camouflage the TV when its not in use”.  This one of a kind luxury bed frame is custom built with a TV lift installed  into the foot board.  Both the head and foot boards are upholstered in handsome leather that is available in four different colors. See color chart to below.  The leather is hand sewn here in the USA by our expert upholsterers.

[gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="title"]

This king size bed comes with our matching electronics valet which features our built in infrared relay system allowing TV viewers to control their electronics while out of site.  While the electronics are neated tucked underneath the bed, TV viewers can use their remote without having direct line of site with their cable box, blue ray player, dvr, wii, and etc.

The Sanctuary TV Lift Bed can house up to a 47” TV.  The price to create your own one-of-a-kind Sanctuary TV Lift Bed is $9999.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hulu to Debut First Original Series Next Month

Hulu, the popular video streaming service, has stepped into the forefront of streaming TV shows and movies to TV lift cabinets, PCs and smartphones. It seems only natural that the next step would be its own original series. The idea has long been discussed among executives and Hulu fans alike. Today, Hulu has officially announced the confirmed debut date of February 14th for the Hulu original series, “Battleground”

“Battleground” is a political comedy that is centered on a primary campaign for a Wisconsin senate seat. Hulu will air 13 episodes of the new series beginning in February. It is the first of three original shows that Hulu plans to air over the coming months. In addition to “Battleground”, Hulu will introduce “A Day in the Life” (a documentary about fame) as well as a travelogue from the director of “Dazed and Confused”, Richard Linklater.

Original programming seems to be the latest venture for online streaming services like Hulu. Demand for inexpensive options to watch TV shows and movies continues to rise as consumers become more discouraged with increasing cable costs.  Hulu is not the only streaming service to jump on the original programming train. Their main competitor, Netflix, recently announced its own plans for an original series entitled “Lilyhammer”. With a 60% increase in revenue last year for Hulu, there is plenty of opportunity to expand original programming if the initial offering is a success with viewers.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Customer Spotlight: Henry from Pottsville, PA

What better way to hear feedback on our TV Lift Cabinets than straight from our customers' mouths?  Henry from Pottsville, PA was kind enough to share his experience  and lovely photo of the Banyan Creek TV Lift Cabinet in his 100 year old home. Hear what Henry had to say below.

"One word best describes this product…WOW! I have researched many available products since 2008 and nothing compares overall to the Banyan Creek lift cabinet.  When the unit was delivered and unpacked I was blown away with the overall quality and looks of this beautiful piece of furniture.  Indeed, it exceeded my expectations.  Not only is it a handsome piece of furniture, the lift mechanism is quiet and smooth and the infrared systems work extremely well.  Attaching my 55in. LED TV to the lift mechanism was also easy with the help of my son.  We live in a very large 100 yr. old home and this cabinet fit in perfectly with all my other traditional furniture in my newly renovated sitting room.  I have been delighted to show off this cabinet and everyone who has seen it has echoed my sentiments."

Thanks Henry for that glowing review.  We hope you enjoy your TV Lift Cabinet for many years to come!


Friday, January 13, 2012

LG's New Magic Remote with Voice Recognition

Have you seen LG’s Magic Remote?  It is awesome!   The magic remote has voice recognition.  There is a microphone built into the remote that allows you to send your voice to your Smart TV.  How does it work?

Well, picture sitting in front of your LG Smart TV.  You are watching a show, when you decide to switch over to the internet.  Up comes the Google search bar.  Now instead of pulling up the keyboard setting on your TV, you can talk directly into the microphone and say “TV Lift Cabinets search”.  Your voice command is relayed and then begins to automatically search for TV Lift Cabinets.  Pretty cool, huh?

The voice recognition can also be used for sending tweets and Facebook posts.  This new magic remote that is scheduled to be released with LG’s Smart TV has yet to be priced but is sure to be in demand.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Smart TV Technology Creates Excitement at CES Show

This year at the Annual CES show in Las Vegas, there was definitely buzz generated around Smart TVs.  Television makers were aiming to impress and bring forth cutting edge technology.  Here are some snippets of what TV lift cabinet owners can expect to see come to market within the next year.

  • Samsung and LG are increasing their sets’ processing power and memory to give television watchers the ability to streamline content and videoconference via Skype with friends.

  • Samsung, Sony, and LG are using organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology.  OLED can glow without separate light source.  In laymen terms, enabling them to produce wafer thin TVs.

  • LG will sell these OLED televisions with a motion sensing Magic Remote.  Their new Magic Remote has voice recognition capabilities.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coming Soon…The Pacifica TV Lift Cabinet

Do you have the new Sharp 70” TV?  If so, you may be interested to learn we are building a cabinet just for you!  Coming soon we will be introducing the Pacifica.  The Pacifica, which is modeled after our Banyan Creek XL TV Lift Cabinet, will house up to a 70” TV with maximum TV dimensions  at 63.5” x 3.5” x 38.5” (without stand).

The Pacifica will be finished in a rich mahogany stain with rounded corner edged cabinet doors.  The cabinet doors are being built with interchangeable wood and speaker panels.  The top hutch also comes with interchangeable wood and speaker panels, allowing customers to store their sound bar comfortably in this top drawer.  Plenty of storage will be available behind the front cabinet doors.  The Pacifica also will come with our built-in Infrared Relay System allowing TV watchers to operate their electronics behind closed doors!  The overall dimensions of the cabinet are 70.75” x 28.5” x 42.5”.  The Pacifica is selling at $3499.

To reserve one of the Pacifica TV Lift Cabinets being built, please contact our office at 561-417-0999.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Toshiba to Begin Shipping Glasses-Free 3DTVs to the US

According to Technology News website CNET, Toshiba has confirmed that they will begin shipping a Glasses-Free 3D TV to the U.S. in early 2012. No indication was given to CNET on possible sizes for the TV. Toshiba currently has glasses-free 55” 3D TVs for sale overseas in Germany and Japan where they sell for over $10,000 apiece in each country.

The glasses-free model will be a welcome development for a large percentage of 3D TV fans and TV lift cabinet owners. Common complaints from 3D TV viewers, as well as those who have tried but shunned the devices: A) Glasses are inconvenient and can interfere with performing multiple tasks while watching 3D entertainment and B) The 3D glasses and resulting images can cause headaches.

So, how does it work? We frequently touch on the topic of 3D TVs on our blog and the topic of Toshiba’s glasses-free 3D TV has been discussed previously when it was more in its infancy. 3D TV works by presenting each eye with a slightly different image, giving the viewer perceived three dimensional pictures. Typically, the glasses would combine the two images to result in the 3D picture. In the glasses-free model, many tiny lenses project two different pictures from the screen, one to each of the viewer’s eyes. This effect is easier to achieve with only one viewer. With multiple viewers, the TV must ‘learn’ where the faces are located and project images accordingly. This is one major difference between Toshiba’s 3D TV and watching a standard HD TV. With Toshiba’s 3D model, the viewer(s) will need to press a button on the remote to launch facial recognition software. This allows the TV to present the best possible image for all viewers - pretty incredible stuff. We can’t wait to read more about it when the newest prototype is unveiled at CES on Sunday.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Product Focus of the Week: Prism TV Lift Cabinet

Take a look at our contemporary Prism TV Lift Cabinet! The Prism features geometrically pleasing lines and is finished on all four sides to be used as a foot of the bed, against the wall or free standing.   This cabinet comes fully equipped with our Infrared Relay System. Our IR system allows for TV watchers to enjoy their TV without having to look at their AV components.  The components can stay out of sight at all times!  The Prism also features flip down panels on both sides of cabinet providing reversible access to AV components.  The Prism is available in three different finishes: espresso, black, or white.  The maximum TV size dimensions are 49 3/4"W x 5 1/2"D x 28"H.