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Friday, October 29, 2010

Product Focus: Hideaway TV Lift with Bookcases

[caption id="attachment_384" align="alignright" width="275" caption="Hideaway TV Lift with Bookcases"]Hideaway TV Lift with Bookcases[/caption]

One of the most popular and unique pieces of classic English and American furniture must be the antique chest, and it is from this piece of d├ęcor that the Hideaway TV Lift with Bookcases was born. Available in brown or black, this old-meets-new design is expertly crafted from kiln-dried hardwoods and veneers, and features rich, hand-applied stains and paints.

Roomy enough to house a TV measuring up to 46” wide and nearly 29” tall, along with two additional pieces of electronics (media players) with depths of 13 ¼” or less, the Hideaway TV Lift with Bookcases is your answer to maximizing your space. It can be used as a centerpiece in your living room, in a master bedroom or against any wall in your home.

The addition of two bookcases to this TV lift provides more than ample storage for nearly anything you can think of, as each bookcase features two individually adjustable shelves and measures over 22” wide, 17” deep and 32” high.

This TV lift cabinet comes with its own surge-protected onboard power, a full 1-Year In-Home Warranty, free White Glove Delivery and a heavy duty TV lift mechanism preinstalled.

Its elegance is achieved by the classic lines of its design and accents of solid brass hand-stamped hardware and fittings.

Check out the Hideaway TV Lift with Bookcases at ImportAdvantage.com today.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

De-clutter and Organize Your Home with a TV Lift

Whether you are a devotee of Feng Shui or just need to get your house in order. One of the top tips professional organizers and “de-clutterers” often give their clients is to invest in a TV lift cabinet for storing their flat-screen TVs. And ImportAdvantage couldn’t agree more! With 40 different styles to choose from, including eight unique foot of the bed pop-up TV cabinets, we are confident you will find one to please your professional organizer and suit your home.

What professional organizers seem to like most about TV lift cabinets is their ability to give a room a larger “feel,” while also having space to store things like photos, media and books. TVs, especially large flat-screen TVs, can sometimes be distracting when sitting out on an empty-looking TV stand surrounded by little black boxes (media players) and enveloped in a clump of electrical cords. With a custom hardwood TV lift cabinet, your room retains its elegance without sacrificing technology.

The principles of de-cluttering and organizing are truthfully about maximizing space. Traditional TV stands are built to do one thing, keep your TV sticking out like a sore thumb in the middle of your living room or bedroom. A TV lift cabinet breaks the mindset that a TV has to remain motionless, and that your TV stand can’t do more than hold electronics.

A pop-up TV cabinet essentially consolidates two pieces of furniture into one – an ornate wood cabinet and a TV stand. You get the best of both worlds, being able to store keepsakes and photos on parts of the cabinet or behind cabinet doors (at ImportAdvantage, most of our cabinet doors can be interchanged with wood or mesh panels, but you can also install your own custom glass if desired). With a TV lift cabinet, your options are nearly limitless and your house is one giant step closer to being “de-cluttered!”

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to Build a TV Lift Cabinet

Are you creative, have a few woodworking skills and tools, and looking for something to do before winter sets in? Perhaps you also have a piece or two of furniture lying around that you don’t yet have a good use for. Why not make your own custom TV lift cabinet? It’s easy, saves you money, and with an ImportAdvantage TV lift, you will have a reliable and quiet TV lift cabinet in no time at all.

There are numerous instructional sites for DIY-type, such as Instructables and Makezine, but the most important step to take before making your own TV lift cabinet is finding the right TV lift. ImportAdvantage has a unique measurement guide that will show you which TV lift mechanism will be right for your TV.

Are you ready to get started? Here’s an overview of the steps required to build your own TV lift cabinet. Grab your chest of drawers, hutch or cabinet you’ll be converting into a high-end TV lift cabinet and read on.

Step 1: You’ll need to remove a top section of the cabinet big enough for the TV pass through, and you must clear out a space large enough to house the TV when it is lowered (i.e. cabinet drawers, dividers, frame support).

Step 2: Save the top cut-out piece and hinge it to the cabinet, so the top of the cabinet will have a solid surface when the TV is not in use.

Step 3: Securely attach the ImportAdvantage TV lift mechanism to the cabinet. You may need to build a support structure to hold the TV lift. Now attach your TV to the TV lift.

Step 4: Reattach the face of the cabinets or drawers to the front so it appears to be a working chest of drawers or hutch.

Step 5: Plug in your TV and TV lift and press the button on your remote. You’re done!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Which TV Lift Do I Need for My TV Size?

ImportAdvantage offers a wide variety of reliable and quiet TV lifts for practically any size flat-screen television. Unlike other models of TV lifts, the ImportAdvantage Uplift TV lift incorporates a heavy-duty rack and pinion system that will provide years of solid performance, and the prices of the Uplift TV lift mechanisms simply cannot be beat.

All Uplift TV lifts come with a standard Universal TV bracket, making mounting your TV on the TV lift easy and quick. Each Uplift TV lift mechanism also comes with perfectly calibrated gears and slides, a 1-year in-home warranty, a built-in wire management chain, a radio frequency remote control, numerous safety features and is ultra-silent when in operation.

Knowing which TV lift to match with your TV is easy. The Uplift is available in the following models: Uplift 3250, Uplift 3500, Uplift 3700 and the Uplift 3875. For smaller flat-screen TVs, the Uplift 3250 offers a travel distance of 28” (fully up in only 30 seconds) and will hold a TV weighing up to 130 pounds and measuring 32” – 46”.

The Uplift 3500 TV lift will hold a TV weighing up to 130 pounds and measuring 32” – 50”, and it has a 30.5” travel distance. It only takes 35 seconds and the press of one button to fully extend. For larger flat-screen plasma TVs, the Uplift 3700 TV lift will easily lift a TV up to 130 pounds and measuring between 32” – 52”. Its travel distance is 32.75” and is fully and quietly raised in 37 seconds.

For the largest TV lift available from ImportAdvantage, the Uplift 3875 is the answer. It will lift a TV up to 150 pounds in 39 seconds. It will also fit any flat-screen TV between 32” – 60”.

So no matter what flat-screen TV you have, ImportAdvantage has a TV lift to meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Product Focus: Pine Valley TV Lift Cabinet

[caption id="attachment_365" align="alignright" width="275" caption="Pine Valley TV Lift Cabinet"]Pine Valley TV Lift Cabinet[/caption]

ImportAdvantage has tested the limits of craftsmanship with the Pine Valley TV Lift Cabinet. Built from salvage-grade Caribbean Pine, this fine wood is wire-brushed and distressed so its natural tones and textures in the grain are brought to life.

Accentuated with a hand-applied, weathered pine finish and protective top coat, the Pine Valley TV Lift Cabinet is capped off with decorative brass hardware fittings and ImportAdvantage’s heavy-duty TV lift.

The Pine Valley TV Lift Cabinet can house a TV measuring up to 46” wide and 29” in height. It fits perfectly against any wall in your home and comes standard with ImportAdvantage’s free In-Home White Glove delivery and 1-Year Warranty.

One of the unique features of the Pine Valley TV Lift Cabinet that sets it apart of the rest of the ImportAdvantage line is that the media player storage area is integrated with the center lift unit, and you can store two pieces of media electronics right beneath your TV.

To find out more about the Pine Valley TV Lift Cabinet, visit http://www.tvliftcabinet.com.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

1080p and Your TV: Tips for Buying a New HDTV and Knowing Its Resolution

Will you be shopping for a new HDTV this season? You may already what screen size will work best in your TV lift cabinet, and you might have a trusted TV brand in mind, but do you know what resolution you’re looking for and why it’s even important?

Currently, the highest standard screen resolution available is 1080p, which means that no matter what your source of media images is (satellite, cable, DVD player, gaming console, streaming device, etc.) your TV will be able to display it to its fullest resolution.

The “p” in 1080p (as opposed to “i”) means the TV offers a progressive-scan. This technology allows your TV to scan the media image in one scan (instead of needing multiple scans) and display it on the TV screen, so you get a sharper picture that is stable and solid.

Most 1080p TV screens are measured as 1920 x 1080, which gives you the number of pixels in the screen: 1920 x 1080 equals 2,073,600 pixels! And as one might imagine, the more pixels in the screen, the sharper the image is portrayed.

Now that you know about TV resolution, you can shop confidently for the TV that will look the best on your TV lift cabinet from ImportAdvantage.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Room in Your TV Lift Cabinet: Netflix Streams Direct to 2010 Panasonic VIERA CAST HDTV

Last month, Panasonic announced that its line of 2010 VIERA CAST televisions is now capable of streaming Netflix movies without the need for an external streaming device. This new capability complements the VIERA CAST’s current ability to connect users to Skype, Twitter, Pandora, Picasa and local weather and news.

Netflix currently has about 15 million members and is the largest subscription service for streaming movies and TV episodes over the Internet. Previously, Netflix members could only stream movies and TV episodes via a computer, capable gaming console (i.e. XBOX 360) or a streaming device (Roku player). Now, with the VIERA CAST, movies can be viewed from the comfort of a home TV and more room will be available in one’s entertainment center or TV lift cabinet.

Imagine, having more room in your ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet to store DVDs, games, books or keepsakes. These fine handcrafted pop-up TV cabinets are already generous in their storage space, but by being able to reduce the need for another media player for streaming Netflix movies and television shows, makes an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet a great fit for Panasonic’s 2010 VIERA CAST line of HDTVs.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unique Ways to Use a TV Lift: Kid’s Playroom

Would you like to add a touch of technology to your kid’s stuffed animal-filled, puzzle-piled playroom? One of the most unique and useful touches you can add is a TV lift. Whether you buy a complete, handcrafted TV lift cabinet from ImportAdvantage or just the Uplift mechanism for building your own cabinet, your kids will be amazed when they see a flat screen TV magically and quietly rise out of nowhere.

While some may question whether putting a TV in the playroom will actually encourage more TV-watching, it’s actually easier to control how much TV your kids watch because you can control when the TV is accessible and when it isn’t. If your kids can’t see a TV, they may be less likely to ask to watch it.

And when it comes to safety, a TV lift cabinet can’t be beat. A TV kept in a pop-up TV cabinet is attached securely to the Uplift mechanism, making it virtually impossible for a child to tip over the television. And with the selection of hardwoods ImportAdvantage uses to construct its TV lift cabinets, it will stand up to the knocks and kicks it might receive in the playroom.

So go ahead and check out our full line of TV lift cabinets and TV lift mechanisms. You and your kids will be happy with our extensive selection.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Laser TVs: Cool Idea but Won’t Fit in a TV Lift Cabinet

A California company, Prysm, has released the next “big thing” in television technology, literally and figuratively - a quad HD laser TV, or LPD (laser phosphor display). It works by bouncing laser beams off phosphor pixels embedded in a glass and plastic screen. The result is a television that is low in power consumption (using one-tenth of what a plasma flat screen TV uses) but able to display the absolute sharpest image on a screen, and the screen can come in any size – from a “jumbo-tron” or as small as one might ever need. The “jumbo-tron” screens are already in use in Europe.

The lower energy consumption in the TV is due to not needing to stimulate the darker regions of the TV screen, which also allows the LPD to remain cool to the touch no matter how long it’s been on.

The downside, though, is that the LPD quad HD TV won’t be available as a slim flat screen anytime soon, which means for the time being, you won’t be able to house one in a state-of-the-art ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet. Since the technology for laser televisions is now on the market, it won’t be long before the market demands the TV sets to be slimmed down. When that happens, ImportAdvantage will still be the leader in pop-up TV cabinets and will have the right handcrafted TV lift cabinet for your LPD.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Product Focus: Livingston TV Lift Cabinet

[caption id="attachment_349" align="alignright" width="275" caption="Livingston TV Lift Cabinet"]Livingston TV Lift Cabinet[/caption]

The Livingston TV Lift Cabinet offers a unique design among pop-up TV cabinets because of its simple, elegant shelf system beside two hardwood cabinet doors. Giving it length and a traditional look, this tobacco-finished hardwood cabinet is perfectly suited for placement against any wall in your home.

The Livingston TV Lift Cabinet adorns brushed nickel octagonal hardware for its cabinetry fixtures and will conveniently hold a TV measuring up to 53” wide. The bookcase shelves adjust easily and offer ample storage for media players, books, videos or your collectibles.

The Livingston TV Lift Cabinet is fully ventilated and the TV lift mechanism comes pre-installed. The TV lift cabinet also includes on-board, surge-protected power for your TV and two additional media players or components.

If you are seeking elegance delivered with simplicity, look no further than the Livingston TV Lift Cabinet. Check it out today!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Want to Limit TV-Viewing for Your Children? Hide the TV!

Though not all TV-viewing is bad for children, as long as the amount is properly moderated, you may want to make it easier to limit the amount of TV your children watch. And ImportAdvantage can help!

Children sometimes want what they see others have – it happens with everything from candy to a friend’s teddy bear. It’s a natural reaction to desire what we see is available. So the ImportAdvantage solution to limiting TV-watching is simply hiding the TV in a beautiful, handcrafted TV lift cabinet! What better way to avoid a tearful situation of saying no to TV-time than keeping the TV out-of-sight and out-of-mind?

Imagine being able to put a TV in the kids’ playroom without having them beg every minute to watch their favorite shows. Especially with one of our smaller foot of the bed TV lift cabinets, you can house a TV in a playroom without it being the center of attention. When you are ready to show a movie or educational program, just pop-up the TV and hit “Play.” When it’s time for homework, dinner or family time, just press a button on the included remote control and the TV is quietly and quickly lowered into a beautiful wood cabinet.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

TV Lift Cabinets Can Give You a Reason to Upgrade Your TV!

Savvy shoppers are already aware that this year’s Black Friday and shopping season will bring much lower prices on plasma flat screen televisions (If you didn’t realize this, see our recent post on this topic!). But did you know that instead of waiting to buy your dream plasma flat screen, and buying your dream TV lift cabinet first, you’ll be able to match your new TV to your TV lift cabinet?

ImportAdvantage has a full-featured and easy-to-read Measurement Guide available for our entire line of pop-up TV cabinets, so by getting your TV lift cabinet first, you have an even better reason to upgrade your TV!

ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinets can hold a flat screen TV up to 60” wide (see the Banyan Creek XL TV Lift Cabinet), so just about any TV can rest in a quiet and dependable pop-up TV cabinet.

The hardest decision may just be which of the unique designs best suits your home. From eye-catching centerpieces to slimmer foot of the bed TV lift cabinets, there is no doubt that you will find the right one for your new, upgraded TV before the holiday shopping season has begun!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet on “I Hate Your House”

[caption id="attachment_339" align="alignright" width="275" caption="Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet"]Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet[/caption]

The ImportAdvantage Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet was recently featured on DIY’s television program, “I Hate Your House.” The show is very popular among DIYers who love to get their hands on projects that improve their homes and lives.

“I Hate Your House” features a brother-and-sister duo, Jonathan and Nicole O’Leary, who intervene when homeowners begin to hate their houses after living in them for a few years. The show prides itself on two things: teaching homeowners how they can improve their houses with a stronger eye for design and for featuring the latest, most innovative products available on the market.

This is where ImportAdvantage comes in – we have been providing the latest technologies and designs in TV lift cabinets for many years. It’s not hard to understand why top designers seek out the quality and dependability of our pop-up TV cabinets to pull together a dynamic and stylish room. And the Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet, specifically, is one of our most flexible designs, allowing the television screen to be displayed on the same or opposite side of the cabinets.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Know Your Wood, Glossary of Terms

When dealing with fine hardwoods and custom craftsmanship, as ImportAdvantage does every day building and delivering top-quality TV lift cabinets, many customers prefer to educate themselves in the terminology of wood and woodworking. So ImportAdvantage has compiled this resourceful glossary to increase your appreciation of the details we put in every TV lift cabinet we design.

  • Air Dried: Lumber dried naturally by the air.

  • Bookmatch: layers of veneer arranged side by side to resemble a mirror.

  • Common Grade Lumber: Lumber with defects, used in construction framing.

  • Dovetail Joint: A joint where the fingers are shaped like a doves’ tail, used to join pieces at 90 degrees.

  • European Hinge: A hidden style hinge fastened to the door with a cup hole.

  • Finger Joint: Long, tapered fingers used to join material together.

  • Grain: The appearance, size and direction of the alignment of the fibers in the wood.

  • Hardwood: Lumber from trees with broad leaves.

  • Heartwood: The wood from the pith extending to the sapwood, darker in color due to gum, resins, and other materials which make it less susceptible to rot.

  • Janka Test: A hardness test and rating measuring pounds of pressure required to press a steel ball .444 inches in diameter one-half way into the wood.

  • Knot: The portion of a branch or limb that is embedded in the wood.

  • Molding: A strip of material with a profile cut on the facing edges, used for trimming.

  • Ogee: An S shape that is made by making one cut to produce two identical pieces.

  • Primary Wood: This is the wood on the main or primary surfaces of a piece of furniture. Woods of lesser value, that are on the sides or not seen is called Secondary Wood.

  • Raised Grain: The roughened condition of sanded wood when the hard latewood rises above the soft early wood when moisture is applied.

  • Sapwood: The lighter-colored wood on the outside of a log.

  • Tongue and Groove: A joinery method where a board has a protruding tongue on one edge and a groove on the other, the tongue of one board fits into the groove of the next.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Product Focus: Craftsman TV Lift Cabinet

[caption id="attachment_331" align="alignright" width="275" caption="Craftsman TV Lift Cabinet"]Craftsman TV Lift Cabinet[/caption]

If you appreciate the beauty and durability of oak hardwood, you will adore the craftsmanship of the ImportAdvantage Craftsman TV Lift Cabinet. Built by hand in a timeless, functional style of “Mission” furniture, this pop-up TV cabinet will be an appropriate centerpiece in any home.

Sophisticated and solidly constructed of oak and oak veneers, the Craftsman TV Lift Cabinet highlights clean lines and a purity of functionality. It is absolutely timeless!

Built with an integrated Uplift 3700 lift system, which can lift a flat-screen TV weighing up to 130 pounds, the Craftsman TV Lift Cabinet also features a built-in Infrared Relay System. The IRS allows you complete, uninterrupted transmission between your remote control and the corresponding media player.

With enough room to store, lift and display a flat-screen TV up to 56” wide, 5” deep and nearly 33” wide, the Craftsman TV Lift Cabinet will work well in the living room, against a wall in the master bedroom or in an office.

Take a moment to read through all the positive reviews the Craftsman TV Lift Cabinet has received, or feel free to check out the other available TV lift cabinet models available from ImportAdvantage.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Going Green in the Flat Screen

In the U.S., it is estimated that 70 percent of all heavy metals in our landfills comes from discarded electronics, and since TVs are getting cheaper every year, that amount could easily rise. Already, ImportAdvantage has discussed the importance of recycling your old TV lift cabinet by repurposing it or giving it to a shelter or charity.

However, the Tel Aviv University is the first to discover that a new nano-technology may be able to “green” the optics used in flat-screen TVs, making them more environmentally friendly. The new technology is a form of biological material that creates light via light-emitting diodes (LED), reducing the need for toxic heavy metals in TV sets.

Not only would this new technology be more environmentally-friendly, it could produce a higher quality picture, too, by improving the TV’s resolution. Production of these new TVs is still many years away, as the discovery was just released this past August, but it is an encouraging step in the right direction.

ImportAdvantage will be right there, too, ready to showcase your new environmentally-friendly flat-screen TV in a handcrafted TV lift cabinet built from select hardwoods by a team of caring craftsmen.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How Furniture Styles Evolved

Nearly all of ImportAdvantage’s TV lift cabinets have their styles deeply rooted in major periods of furniture design, which highlights the knowledge and respect our craftsmen have for our products. Furniture styles have a long, important and varied history (dating back as far as the Neolithic period), and here is an overview of two key styling periods and how they helped shaped a couple of ImportAdvantage’s TV lift cabinets.

Baroque Style

During the 17th and 18th centuries, the most common furniture style was Baroque, an ornate and detail-oriented style that featured intricate carvings on arms of chairs, headboards and table feet. The most common woods used during this period were oak and walnut, as they were sturdy and easy to carve. One fine example of Baroque influence on ImportAdvantage’s TV lift cabinets is the Willowcraft TV Lift Cabinet.


The 19th and 20th centuries gave rise to the modern and contemporary styles of American furniture. Largely credited to Charles Eames, modern design sometimes took on a “space age” look (especially from the 1950s to 1970s), and materials like plastic, cloth and foam became standard accompaniments to hardwoods. A modern masterpiece from ImportAdvantage is the Moderna TV Lift Cabinet.

If you would like to learn more about furniture designs, check out any of the following glossaries:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Turn Family Heirlooms into State of the Art TV Lift Cabinets

Perhaps you or your spouse inherited an antique curio cabinet or china hutch, but you’re not quite sure what to do with it. Putting it in storage seems disrespectful, and selling it is out of the question. But it doesn’t match any of your other furniture and you’re not excited about it drawing attention away from your other fine furniture pieces. What’s the answer?

The answer is to make it the focal point of any room by converting it to a custom TV lift cabinet with an ImportAdvantage Uplift mechanism, which quietly raises and lowers your flat-screen TV with the touch of a button. With models available that lift TVs up to 150 pounds, it’s easy to find one perfectly suited to your family heirloom.

By creating a custom TV lift cabinet, you’ve just turned a potential eyesore into eye candy. Your guests will be amazed by how you made a dated piece of furniture into a modern work of art.

With how easy it is to install an Uplift mechanism, you may start spending your weekends antiquing, looking for that next great piece of history you can highlight in your home.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Woodworking Resources

As many satisfied customers already know, an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet is handcrafted from the finest selection of hardwoods available by skilled woodworkers who have many years of experience designing and building fine furniture.

But perhaps you would like to craft your own TV lift cabinet and you are looking for a way to get more deeply involved in the mastery of woodworking. ImportAdvantage has compiled a list of useful resources for the aspiring woodworker because we know the value of fine workmanship.

So whether you’re ready to tackle an ornate pop-up TV cabinet or just want to spend time whittling on the back porch, here are a few sites that should help you get started. And take a moment to let us know what project you’re planning to start.

Woodworking Resources

Organizations and Associations

Guides and Tutorials

Woodturning and Woodcarving


Friday, October 1, 2010

Product Focus: Biscayne TV Lift Cabinet

[caption id="attachment_315" align="alignright" width="275" caption="Biscayne TV Lift Cabinet"]Biscayne TV Lift Cabinet[/caption]

Straightforward and elegantly designed, the Biscayne TV Lift Cabinet from ImportAdvantage offers ample storage space with three drawers and three cabinet doors, which each have two adjustable shelves. The cabinet doors can be solid wood or speaker cloth, depending on your needs. Whichever door covering you have, though, electronics will still work flawlessly thanks to ImportAdvantage’s unique Infrared Relay System.

The IR relay system transmits commands from a remote control and repeats the signal to your enclosed media player. The IR relay system comes preinstalled and requires zero programming.

Another extremely nice feature of the Biscayne TV Lift Cabinet is its ability to hold a flat-panel TV up to 52” wide and weighing up to 130 pounds. The smooth-topped cabinet is built by hand from solid alder and cathedral cherry, and the fittings are brushed nickel.

Clean, simple and elegant – you can’t go wrong with a new Biscayne TV Lift Cabinet for your living room, master bedroom, or anywhere else in your home or office. Check it out today and buy factory-direct from ImportAdvantage.