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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Remington Electric Fireplace

[caption id="attachment_237" align="alignright" width="275" caption="Remington Electric Fireplace"]Remington Electric Fireplace[/caption]
One of ImportAdvantage’s true “conversation pieces” is the Remington Electric Fireplace and TV lift cabinet. This handcrafted pop-up TV cabinet is also a 33” electric fireplace with a built-in heater and dimmer switch. The fireplace can be controlled by the included remote control, so adjusting the heat output and flames are no problem with this elegant centerpiece.

Many customers have shared how their Remington Electric Fireplace has sparked countless conversations, and their friends simply cannot believe how ImportAdvantage married a fireplace with a fully-functioning TV lift cabinet, crafted with Birch and mahogany veneer.

The secret of the Remington Electric Fireplace lies in the strength of the built-in firebox and a special partition between the firebox and TV, which protects the TV and other media players from the heat output of the fireplace. The amount of storage space in the Remington Electric Fireplace is impressive. The unit contains two bottom drawers for audio-visual equipment, as well as two additional side cabinets for housing all your media (DVDs, CDs, games, etc.).

Take a moment to check out the Remington Electric Fireplace or any of the other innovative TV lift cabinets from ImportAdvantage.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Uplift Cabinets

[caption id="attachment_232" align="alignright" width="283" caption="Uplift Cabinets"]Uplift Cabinets[/caption]

In the summer of 2010, ImportAdvantage launched a new division of its company, Uplift Cabinets, which wholesales TV lift cabinets starting at only $999. This new wholesale division is aimed at helping the “brick and mortar” retail stores stock one of the hottest trends in home furniture: pop-up TV cabinets.

Uplift Cabinets features nine different beautifully-crafted selections that can fill any-sized showroom at incredibly low prices. Models of Uplift Cabinets include the Discovery, Evolve, Evolve Black, Horizon, Exploration, Harbor, Mirage, Shelter and the Traveler.

Access to Uplift Cabinets provides retailers a ground-floor opportunity to stock full-function and highly-reviewed TV lift cabinets from a trusted wholesaler, ImportAdvantage, who has been leading the TV lift cabinet industry since 2003 and has satisfied over 20,000 customers. Uplift Cabinets began shipping its full line of TV lift cabinets in June.

Check out the full line of Uplift Cabinets on their website, where you can also view videos and photos of these handcrafted pop-up TV cabinets. Or you can call them at (888) 5-Uplift.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Product Focus: Banyan Creek TV Lift Cabinet

banyan creek tv liftOne of ImportAdvantage’s most-reviewed and top-selling TV lift cabinets is the Banyan Creek TV lift cabinet. Featured on an episode of The Price is Right, the Banyan Creek TV lift cabinet is finished in an inviting and warm brown that highlights the wood’s quality grain.

Offering immense room for storage, the Banyan Creek TV lift cabinet will also hold a TV up to 56” wide, 32 ¾” high and weighing up to 130 pounds. It comes standard with the Uplift 3700 TV lift system and the Infrared Relay System, both pre-installed.

This model is perfectly suited for the bedroom or against the wall in your living room. Its elegant design will draw any visitor’s eye and makes it a choice complement to any home’s d├ęcor.

The center door covers on the Banyan Creek TV lift cabinet can be interchanged with glass, cloth (for speakers) or wood panels, depending on your personal preferences. The cabinet is constructed with select hardwoods and mahogany veneers, giving it a timeless mystique.

Take a moment to check out the Banyan Creek TV lift cabinet for yourself or any of the other fine TV lift cabinets from ImportAdvantage.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Feng Shui of the TV Set

If you are a follower of the philosophy of Feng Shui, which says that everything in your home, or office or personal living space has either a positive or negative impact, you may be pleased to learn how a TV lift cabinet will give your home a more positive feel.

So where does your TV fit into the practice of Feng Shui? Although the TV itself can be a quality source of educational information or a way to watch action-packed dramas, a TV that can be quietly stored out of sight in a pop-up TV lift cabinet can certainly improve the positive impact of Feng Shui in your home.

Some firm believers of Feng Shui suggest that no one ever place a TV in their bedroom, but what if that TV is tucked neatly into a foot of the bed TV lift cabinet? Most Feng Shui experts agree that putting a TV in a closed cabinet before falling asleep will minimize the negative impact of a TV in the bedroom.

Feng Shui also suggests that no one watch TV while eating dinner. While this seems like sound advice, it’s possible to still keep a TV in the kitchen to watch your favorite cooking shows. Many of ImportAdvantage’s foot of the bed TV lift cabinet models fit perfectly in smaller kitchens and can be tucked away during dinner.

TVs placed in living rooms seem to please most followers of Feng Shui. The living room is a place where families come together to watch movies and programs. And the best place to put your TV in your living room is in any one of the fine ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinets.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fall 2010 TV Lineup: Which Shows Made the Cut?

Are you curious which of your favorite shows will be coming back in the Fall 2010 TV lineup and which ones have aired their last words? Also, are you wondering what new shows will be vying for your TV time? Here’s the rundown of highlights for Fall 2010, according to TV Guide.

Renewed Shows (in alphabetical order):
30 Rock (NBC)
90210 (CW)
The Amazing Race (CBS)
American Dad (Fox)
American Idol (Fox)
America's Most Wanted (Fox)
America's Next Top Model (CW)
The Bachelor (ABC)
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
The Biggest Loser (NBC)
Bones (Fox)
Brothers & Sisters (ABC)
Castle (ABC)
Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)
Chuck (NBC)
The Cleveland Show (Fox)
Community (NBC)
Cops (Fox)
Cougar Town (ABC)
Criminal Minds (CBS)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS)
CSI: Miami (CBS)
Dancing with the Stars (ABC)
Desperate Housewives (ABC)
Family Guy (Fox)
Friday Night Lights (NBC)
Fringe (Fox)
Glee (Fox)
Gossip Girl (CW)
The Good Wife (CBS)
Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
Hell's Kitchen (Fox)
House (Fox)
How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
Human Target (Fox)
Kitchen Nightmares (Fox, midseason)
Law & Order: SVU (NBC)
Lie to Me (Fox)
Life Unexpected (CW)
Medium (CBS)
The Mentalist (CBS)
The Middle (ABC)
Modern Family (ABC)
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)
The Office (NBC)
One Tree Hill (CW)
The OT (Fox)
Parenthood (NBC)
Parks and Recreation (NBC)
Private Practice (ABC)
Rules of Engagement (CBS)
The Simpsons (Fox)
Smallville (CW)
Supernatural (CW)
Survivor (CBS)
Two and a Half Men (CBS)
The Vampire Diaries (CW)

Ended or Canceled:
24 (Fox)
Accidentally on Purpose (CBS)
The Beautiful Life: TBL (CW)
Better Off Ted (ABC)
Brothers (Fox)
Cold Case (CBS)
The Deep End (ABC)
Dollhouse (Fox)
Eastwick (ABC)
FlashForward (ABC)
The Forgotten (ABC)
Gary Unmarried (CBS)
Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
Hank (ABC)
Heroes (NBC)
Law & Order (NBC)
Lost (ABC)
Melrose Place (CW)
Mercy (NBC)
Miami Medical (CBS)
New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)
Numb3rs (CBS)
Past Life (Fox)
Romantically Challenged (ABC)
Scrubs (ABC)
Sons of Tucson (Fox)
Three Rivers (CBS)
'Til Death (Fox)
Trauma (NBC)
Ugly Betty (ABC)

New Pilots:
Better Together (ABC)
Blue Bloods (CBS)
Bob's Burgers (Fox, midseason)
Body of Proof (ABC)
The Cape (NBC, midseason)
Chase (NBC)
Criminal Minds spin-off (CBS, midseason)
The Defenders (CBS)
Detroit 1-8-7 (ABC)
The Event (NBC)
Friends with Benefits (NBC, midseason)
The Good Guys (Fox)
Happy Endings (ABC, midseason)
Hawaii Five-O (CBS)
Hellcats (CW)
Lonestar (Fox)
Love Bites (NBC)
Mike & Molly (CBS)
Mixed Signals (Fox, midseason)
Mr. Sunshine (ABC, midseason)
My Generation (ABC)
Nikita (CW)
No Ordinary Family (ABC)
Off the Map (ABC, midseason)
Outlaw (NBC)
Outsourced (NBC)
Perfect Couples (NBC, midseason)
Raising Hope (Fox)
Ride-Along (Fox, midseason)
Running Wilde (Fox)
S#*! My Dad Says (CBS)
Terra Nova (Fox, midseason)
Undercovers (NBC)
The Whole Truth (ABC)

Hopefully your favorite show will be airing this Fall and you can watch it on a TV kept on a high-quality, handcrafted ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TV Watching: Just Fine in Moderation

Technorati: 5ZG58F3JGMST

There are many statistics out there trying to find fault with TV viewing, especially for young children, but according to KidsHealth.org, owned by Nemours, TV-watching in moderation can actually be a good thing.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that no kids under the age of 2 should be watching any TV and kids older than 2 should limit their TV-watching to one or two hours a day of quality programming.

As the first two years of a child’s life is considered a very critical time for learning, the emphasis on TV-watching at this stage is certainly on the educational value of the programming, not the entertainment value. However, children’s advocates have long been divided when it comes to finding the right solution for how much TV a child should watch as they continue to develop. It’s always best to leave the decision up to the child’s parents.

Whether for fun or for learning, watching a TV housed on a TV lift cabinet by ImportAdvantage will be an exciting experience. Plus parents will rest assured that their child is safe from the chance of their TV tipping over, thanks to the stability of our pop-up TV cabinets.

A TV lift cabinet is simple, safe and ensures everyone can have a good time while watching television, even in moderation.

Monday, August 23, 2010

What is ImportAdvantage’s “White Glove” Delivery?

One of the advantages of shopping for TV lift cabinets directly from the factory is that not only
can you save up to 50% off the retail value on the product itself, but you can receive drastic
savings on shipping costs. At ImportAdvantage, all products we sell are shipped the same day
they are ordered and include our signature “White Glove” Delivery.

The concept of ImportAdvantage’s “White Glove” placement service is that each customer
should have their pop-up TV lift cabinet placed exactly where they want it in their home without
a hassle—that is what our customers deserve.

Sent direct from the craftsman’s bench to the customer’s home, ImportAdvantage’s “White
Glove” Delivery includes scheduling a delivery date and time 24-48 hours in advance of the
cabinet’s arrival. The TV lift cabinet you ordered will be delivered by two qualified trades-people,
who work with the customer for the best placement in their home. The two professionals will
unpack your fully-assembled pop-up TV cabinet and double-check that everything meets the
customer’s satisfaction. All this at no charge to you!

You won’t find this high-quality offer at most box stores, even if you’re just shopping for a new
TV for your new beautifully-crafted TV lift cabinet. It’s just one of the many commitments to
customer service we value at ImportAdvantage.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Product Focus: Tao TV Lift Cabinet

The Tao TV Lift Cabinet is a signature, Asian-inspired model that features fine clean lines throughout. The Tao TV Lift Cabinet expresses a modern, sensuous look, blended with a simple elegance that will shine in any home.

Crafted with lacquered surfaces and antique brass fittings, the Tao TV lift cabinet also features its hinges on the front side of the cabinet and a swinging latch door closure.

With three large drawers at the top of the cabinet, the Tao TV Lift Cabinet offers no shortage of storage space. It’s especially ideal for placement against a wall, in an office, or essentially any room you need a finely crafted pop-up TV lift cabinet.

The Tao TV Lift Cabinet will house any flat-panel TV up to 130 pounds, 56” wide, 5” deep and 32 3/4” tall. Woods featured on this cabinet include rare African mahogany veneers.

Take a moment to check out the Tao TV Lift Cabinet for yourself or any of the other fine TV lift cabinets from ImportAdvantage.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

How Our TV Lift Cabinets are Handcrafted

Every TV lift cabinet that ImportAdvantage offers is handcrafted with the utmost precision. How is this done? By controlling the design and manufacture of each element that goes into their cabinets, they can strike a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

The quality of an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet is very important. Over 20 in-house inspectors assure that exacting standards are met throughout the entire TV lift system design, production and packaging process! Even more, every pop-up TV lift cabinet, whether it’s a traditional model or a versatile foot of the bed model, comes with a “One-Year In-Home Lift Warranty,” free lifetime product support and an extended warranty service available.

Every drawer they produce is made of solid wood and feature a sturdy five-piece dovetail joinery. Craftsmen choose quality wood stock from pine to oak, cherry to mahogany.

As beautiful bonuses, each TV lift cabinet also comes with adjustable shelves, an adjustable leveler and ventilated shelves to ensure proper air circulation.

Even experienced carpenters have purchased a TV lift cabinet from ImportAdvantage because they had to admit it would be impossible for them to produce their own cabinet for less money than ImportAdvantage sold theirs for. Other fine reviews of ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinets can be found here.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Versatility of a Foot of the Bed TV Lift Cabinet

Thinking about a new TV lift cabinet but not quite sure where you want to put it in your home? A foot of the bed pop-up TV cabinet may be the answer to your dilemma. Just because it’s called a foot of the bed TV lift cabinet doesn’t mean it can only go in your bedroom.

Many of the foot of the bed TV lift cabinets are also perfectly suited to other smaller rooms, such as offices, or can be placed in the middle of a room with convenient access to storage and your components. Models like the Crystal Pointe TV Lift Cabinet, which is finished on five sides and allows its component drawers to be reversed so they can be opened from the front, offer incredible versatility in any home. This model also comes in the Crystal Pointe XL TV Lift Cabinet and accommodates larger flat-panel TVs (up to 51” wide!).

ImportAdvantage’s foot of the bed TV lift cabinets are built so they serve more than one purpose, which takes all the guesswork out of the decision to buy the pop-up TV lift cabinet you need. All you have to do is get the right one to match your home’s decor, but with so many options available, that won’t be hard either.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ImportAdvantage a Standard on the Price is Right

the_price_is_rightOne of America’s long-time favorite game shows, The Price is Right, is also a long-time showcase for ImportAdvantage’s TV lift cabinets. In the last few years, an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet has appeared on the game show seven times, including a special appearance in the highly coveted and iconic “Showcase Showdown.” You can view a clip of The Price is Right featuring the Banyan Creek TV Lift Cabinet on the ImportAdvantage home page.

The Price is Right, currently owned by FremantleMedia, is one of the most popular daytime game shows of all time and is viewed in more than 30 countries around the world. In 2008, The Price is Right was the #1 daytime game show in the United States, with a peak audience of 6.9 million viewers.

Some lucky contestants on the show have walked away with a premier TV lift cabinet that will be able to suit any decor in their homes, and they’ll know that ImportAdvantage is the industry standard for quality, shipping, set-up and service.

You, too, can feel like a winner with your own TV lift cabinet by ImportAdvantage! To view the entire line of pop-up TV Lifts, please click here.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Surf the Internet on Your TV

Did you know that you can surf the web right from you bed through your TV? Sure, most people can check email or tool around on the Internet from their smart phones and laptops, but smart phones are not designed for prolonged web searching, and dragging your laptop into your bedroom or sitting it on your lap on the couch can be cumbersome.

Special devices for the TV have been around a number of years, such as WebTV (now MSN TV), which provides users a wireless keyboard, unique remote control and the ability to surf any web page while you are in your comfort zone. The Nintendo Wii also allows users to find their favorite websites without getting up from the sofa.

Both Panasonic and EspriTV will soon be releasing televisions with built-in technology for accessing the Internet, complete with wireless keyboards.

Imagine surfing the web while propped up in comfort on your bed pillows. A foot of the bed TV lift cabinet makes this dream a reality, by allowing your TV to raise up from an ornate, hand-crafted TV lift cabinet on command. And thanks to the built-in Infrared Relay System, which comes standard and pre-instralled on all ImportAdvantage pop-up TV lift cabinets, your wireless keyboard and remote will work flawlessly.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Product Focus: Cachet TV Lift Cabinet

cachet tv lift cabinet
The Cachet TV Lift Cabinet by ImportAdvantage is part of the company’s line of $999 TV lift cabinets--offering a fine value without an ounce of sacrifice in craftsmanship. Finished in a rich, hand-applied tobacco color and fitted with solid brass hardware, the Cachet offers surge-protected on-board power for a TV and two components and a full 1-year in-home warranty.

The Cachet is very versatile and its center lift houses and lifts two additional pieces of electronics (such as a DVD player or cable box) with depths of 13 1/4” or less. The Cachet will hold flat-panel TVs up to 45 1/2” wide and 28 7/8” tall, and it comes with the lift systems pre-installed, as well as the built-in Infrared Relay System.

The Cachet is built from kiln-dried hardwoods and veneer, and it can accommodate a wide variety of home styles and color schemes.

See for yourself the value and beauty of the Cachet TV Lift Cabinet or any of the other fine TV lift cabinets from ImportAdvantage.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What’s Great about Blu-ray Players?

Most people can remember when VHS moved over and made room for DVDs. Today, all the buzz is about Blu-ray movies and Blu-ray players. But what’s great about a Blu-ray?

For one, a Blu-ray disc can hold about 10 times more data than a standard DVD disc, which is great for high-definition videos and behind-the-scenes extras. The name itself, Blu-ray, comes from the blue laser used in the player to read the disc. Standard DVD players read information with a red laser, which has a longer wavelength and takes longer to read information stored on the DVD.

For a short time, Blu-ray discs were competing with HD (high-definition) DVD discs, but now most major movie studios, movie rental companies and even makers of Sony’s Playstation 3 have announced they will only be producing Blu-ray discs, simply because a higher quality picture can be placed on the disc, as well as more content in general.

At ImportAdvantage, however, it does not matter if you have Blu-ray player, a DVD player, or even a VHS player, all of them will work behind closed doors thanks to our patented Infrared Relay System, which comes standard in every TV lift cabinet we make.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Importance of Contrast Ratio on Your LCD TV

Contrast ratio is an important part of the picture quality on your LCD TV. In short, the contrast ratio is the difference between the brightest and darkest elements you can view on your LCD TV screen. The higher the ratio, the broader the viewing spectrum and supposedly the better the picture.

In reality, though, TV manufacturers measure their contrast ratios in various ways, so it is difficult to translate how a specific contrast ratio will look on any particular LCD TV screen. The best way to decide which LCD TV looks best with a given contrast ratio is simply to view the screen with a wide variety of dark and light pictures.

However, contrast ratios do play an important part in picture quality, and they can range from 500:1 (which is what print looks like on a movie theatre screen) or now even 1,000,000:1! Some say the human eye can only process a contrast ratio up to 40,000:1 on a bright sunny day, so having a greater contrast ratio is pointless. Find out for yourself, but don’t let the salesperson sale you on a high contrast ratio alone.

Before you head out to purchase your high-contrast LCD TV, be sure to view and print out our Measurement Guide so you’ll know that whatever you bring home will work with the TV lift cabinet that you want. ImportAdvantage offers TV lift cabinets both for small screens (Notting Hill XS) or large screens (Banyan Creek XL).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Will My Wii Work in a TV Lift Cabinet?

Are you ready to bring a beautiful Axiom TV Lift Cabinet home to your living room, or any other fine pop-up TV lift cabinet, but a few of your family members are worried about having their Wii gaming console shut behind closed doors? Do not worry, the wireless controls that have made the Wii a household sensation will work flawlessly through the doors of any foot of the bed or standard TV lift cabinet thanks to ImportAdvantage’s unique, built-in Infrared Relay System.

The Infrared Relay System comes standard in every TV lift cabinet, so storing away the Wii gaming console, a cable or satellite box, your DVR or TiVo, or any instant movie player behind the handcrafted doors of an ImportAdvantage pop-up TV lift cabinet will give any room in your house a touch of elegance without interfering with their operation.

The team of skilled artisans who craft these TV lift cabinets have over 30 years of experience, and they have created handcrafted furniture for clients like Polo Ralph Lauren. Their eye for detail and space-saving design leave little to be desired and can please the most exacting, Wii-playing member in your household.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Rise of Shipping Costs Affects Shoppers, but not ImportAdvantage

It seems that nearly every year, every fiscal quarter, a major shipper (USPS, FedEx, UPS) is raising rates and tacking on an extra surcharge for fuel or weather or some other non-apparent reason. Shipping costs are important factors for savvy shoppers. In fact, 43 percent of shoppers say they changed their minds at an online checkout due to shipping costs. ImportAdvantage has been making the decision easy for shoppers who are looking for fine TV lift cabinets, as they offer free shipping on all orders, from TV lift mechanisms and foot of the bed TV lifts, to their signature TV lift cabinets.

At the beginning of 2010, UPS increased its ground shipping rates nearly 5 percent, bumped its Delivery Area surcharge from $.10 to $.50 and even created a special “Handling” charge for all packages for $.50.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) just announced plans in July to raise prices again in 2011 for stamps, flat packages and parcels. Stamps will jump up to $.46 each if the plan goes through.

All of these rate hikes have a trickle-down effect so major retailers are forced to increased their “flat fee” shipping and handling rates. ImportAdvantage is different. Orders are shipped the same day they are placed, and customers don’t have to use a cumbersome calculator for figuring out how much “extra” it will cost to get a handcrafted pop-up TV lift cabinet in their home and assembled. It’s all free at ImportAdvantage. And to go the extra mile, all orders come with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Product Focus: Prism TV Lift Cabinet

[caption id="attachment_170" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Prism TV Lift Cabinet"]Prism TV Lift Cabinet[/caption]
The Prism TV Lift Cabinet by ImportAdvantage showcases sleek lines and exquisitely unique detailing. Finished in a rich espresso color, highlighting the qualities of the wood’s natural grain, the Prism offers flip-down panels on the front and back. This unique feature allows the Prism to serve at the foot of the bed or against a wall, while still allowing full access to AV components or storage areas.

The Prism is so versatile it can be used for small spaces, as a room divider, for large or small offices or in nearly any room in the house. It will hold flat-panel TVs up to 49 ¾” wide and 28” tall, and it comes with the Uplift 3250 lift system pre-installed, as well as the built-in Infrared Relay System.

The Prism is built from Alder wood with a cherry veneer and espresso-colored finished. It can accommodate a wide variety of home styles and color schemes.

Take a moment to check out the Prism TV Lift Cabinet or any of the other fine TV lift cabinets from ImportAdvantage.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tips for Caring for Your LCD TV

After you’ve made your investment in a LCD TV, and perhaps have it displayed on a handcrafted ImportAdvantage pop-up TV lift cabinet, you’ll want to protect your investment by properly caring for your LCD TV. Here are a few tips to make your LCD TV last as long as possible, which could be up to 20 years.

Temperature and humidity are two of the largest factors in lengthening the life of your LCD TV. These highly-sensitive televisions thrive best in temperatures between 68 and 77 degrees. High humidity can harm an LCD television. Take care to not expose it to any excess or accidental moisture. High fluctuations in temperature or humidity can also damage your TV, so maintain an even atmosphere.

Do not forget that LCD TVs are made from glass, so do expose it to any shock, vibration or careless jarring that might disturb the screen or wiring configuration. LCD screens can be scratched easily, so be aware of pets or children that may accidentally harm your LCD screen.

When cleaning your LCD TV, it is recommended that you use IPA (Isoprophyl Alcohol) or Hexane, as Ethyl or Methyl, or other Keytone-type cleaners can harm the LCD’s polarizer.

Lastly, should your LCD finally bite the dust, please dispose of it properly as it does contain a small amount of mercury. And if you need any ideas for recycling your old TV lift cabinet, check out this article.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Flat-Panel TV Choices: Plasma or LCD for Me?

Can’t decipher all the jargon you find when shopping for a new flat-panel TV? Outlined here are a few pointers to help you decide if a plasma TV or an LCD TV is right for you and your room.

Plasma TVs are known for their warm colors and deep blacks. They excel in rooms with multiple viewers, as people can still see the picture clearly if they are sitting off-axis, or off to the side instead of directly in front of the screen. Plasma flat-screen televisions also work well when the room doesn’t allow much direct light on the TV screen, which means not placing it on an opposite wall to a big picture window unless you have heavy drapes that are capable of blocking out most of the light. Plasma TVs can also be found in large to very large screen sizes, over 42”.

LCD flat-panel TVs are great for smaller screens, which are less than 42”. If you will be watching television in a relatively bright room or mostly during the daytime, an LCD TV might be best for you. Also, LCD TVs usually consume less electricity than plasma TVs of the same size.

Before you head out to purchase your LCD or plasma flat-screen TV, be sure to view and print out our Measurement Guide so you’ll know that whatever you bring home will work with the TV lift cabinet that you want. ImportAdvantage offers TV lift cabinets both for small screens (Notting Hill XS) or large screens (Banyan Creek XL).

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where Should I Put my TV?

If you have ever heard your mom tell you that sitting too close to the TV will cause you to go blind, don’t worry, it’s not quite true. What has been proven, however, is that it can cause eye strain and fatigue. Proper placement of your TV depends on several factors. After you know where you want to place your TV for maximum viewing comfort, you will find that ImportAdvantage offers just the right TV lift cabinet for your setup, from a foot of the bed TV lift cabinet (such as the Crystal Pointe) for closer viewing or an elegant traditional TV lift cabinet (such as the Preston) for viewing from a distance.

The first factor for maximizing your viewing comfort is knowing the screen size of your television, and for this measurement you need the TV’s actual width, from left to right, not its diagonal width which is what your salesperson sold you on. Secondly, how far away will you be sitting from your TV? In order to know how far away you should be sitting from your television, use a “Two-to-Five” principle, which says that for the best viewing distance, the closest you should sit from your TV is two times the width of your TV, and the furthest you should sit from your TV is no more than five times the width of your television.

Now that you know where you want to place your TV, check out our full selection of pop-up TV lifts.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Never Miss a Moment Thanks to the Built-In Infrared Relay System

ImportAdvantage Infrared Relay System
These days, remote controls are used for more than flipping channels and adjusting the volume of your favorite television programs. With the invention of DVR technology and instant movie-watching devices like the Wii® and Roku®, you can pause, rewind and record any show at any time, which means your remote control is a powerful tool for TV viewing. Thankfully, the doors of our TV lift cabinets won’t get in the way of your remote control, thanks to our unique Infrared Relay System which allows the transference of your remote signal to any remote-capable device placed in the TV lift cabinet departments.

The built-in Infrared Relay System repeats the signal from your remote control and relays it inside the cabinet, allowing you total control of all your devices without opening the doors and without experiencing any lag time. Moreover, all of our furniture comes with the Infrared Relay System already included at no extra charge, and no special programming is needed on the Infrared Relay System or on your device. That is because the Infrared Relay System in our TV lift cabinets utilizes four to six high-output infrared flashers, which locate your equipment immediately without programming.

Our patented Infrared Relay System keeps unsightly cable boxes and gaming units hidden behind beautifully crafted doors so you can get the most out of your TV lift cabinet.