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Monday, April 26, 2010

Pop Up TV Cabinets

Another thing to like about our Pop Up TV Cabinets is that they serve a great purpose. They house all of your AV equipment, your TV, and media. All of this equipment is neatly hidden inside our elegant pop up TV lift cabinets! No more staring at all of that ugly equipment and messy wires!

The included remote makes the lift a snap to operate. And you can add the lift to whole home audio systems like Crestronix and AMX.

Trust thousands of customers and our 30+ years of experience. Flat TV Lifts really can turn an ordinary room into extraordinary.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

The What/Where/How of TV Cabinets

If you are anything like me, you prefer to leave all “technology purchases” to the Man of the House. Not that I can’t do it – after all, I did buy my own iPod and figure out how to use it! But generally speaking, I figure it’s just part of a man’s DNA to know WHAT to buy, WHERE to buy it, and HOW to make it work. Besides, I don’t want to hear about it if I make a mistake! Imagine my hubby’s surprise when he walked in to find a new 52” plasma TV lift cabinet for his birthday! I decided to follow the WHAT/WHERE/HOW formula myself. Try it!

WHAT – TV lift technology has been around for years. First introduced as a state-of-the art innovation to luxury hotels and casinos, it is now accessible to the average Jane. The concept is simple: When you want to watch TV, push a button and your television “pops up” from a piece of furniture (ours is housed in a beautiful mahogany armoire) and with another button push, it “disappears” when TV time is over!

WHERE – TV Lifts are available from a variety of sources; from your local home theater retailer to reputable internet manufacturers. I recommend doing your research online first; you will find numerous reliable websites available at your fingertips. (This is also an excellent way to comparison shop!) Once you have narrowed your search, visit a “bricks-and mortar” store. Ask to see different models of the TV lifts in action. Look for ease of operation, noise level and d├ęcor options. (What I mean by that is, is the TV lift housed within a cabinet or console? This was important to me, as I didn’t want our TV to become the room’s focal point. I chose a custom-built TV lift cabinet, which holds all of our TV “stuff” – the cable box, TiVo, and all their accompanying wires!)

HOW – TV lift operating systems vary. Each has its own set of pros and cons, so make your decision based upon your own “needs” assessment, including your budget, warranties, etc. Some options include:

1) Rack and pinion operation;
2) Scissor-lift technology;
3) Telescopic lift design;

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recycle Your Old TV Lift Cabinet!

It's Earth Day and that means that it's time to start considering what you can do to help Mother Nature. If you're looking to get a new TV lift cabinet or if you just want to switch from a TV cabinet or stand to a wall mount, then don't just focus on what's new. You can be helping the environment by taking a look at what's old and on its way out. Instead of just tossing your old TV cabinet to the curb for trash day, consider some of these easy ideas for recycling your furniture.

First and foremost, look into ways to donate your furniture. You'll get a tax write off and you'll be able to help a shelter, charity, or other organization that's in need of furniture to furnish a home, office, or other facility. Look for options in your community or coordinate with local charities to find the best way to donate your furniture.

Or, you can also consider repurposing or refinishing your TV lift cabinet as a unique table in a foyer or office space. Play around with different finishing treatments, new paint, or other elements that can breathe new life into your old TV cabinet.

Finally, you can consider listing your TV cabinet for sale or for free on a site like Craigslist or Freecycle. It's super easy and you might even make some money from your old TV cabinet.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tips for Caring For Your Plasma TV

A plasma TV can be a great addition to any home, but like any other piece of electronics, it needs special care. Here are some tips from ImportAdvantage.com on how to care for you plasma TV.

First off, let it breathe. Plasma screens generate a lot of extra heat, which means that if there’s not enough ventilation and cooling around the TV, it’ll burn out electrical components sooner rather than later. Make sure that your TV has plenty of open space around it and check in the manufacturer guide for tips on venting.

Second, keep it dry. Exposure to excessive humidity, spills, and other moisture can destroy electrical parts in your plasma TV and can cause damaging corrosion. Keep it a room that doesn’t change temperature rapidly.

Finally, make sure your TV has a solid foundation – or piece of furniture – to rest on. ImportAdvantage.com carries a great selection of TV cabinets and plasma TV stands that are perfect for keeping your TV steady and safe from falling.

When Was the Last Time You Looked?

You watch your TV almost every day. You spend hours in front of it each week. When was the last time you actually looked behind it to see the condition of its wires? Chances are, if you’re like most people, you’ve probably put it off – until now.

Checking the power cord for your TV or any of the other wires and cables that run between it and your home entertainment equipment can ensure that you’re on top of any frays or problems that could compromise performance, not to mention, cause a fire. Frayed wires or cables that are in poor condition need to be replaced to keep your home safe and your home theater setup running at its best.

So take some time today to check your wires. Look to see their condition. Find out if they need to be replaced and do it before it causes a major problem in your living room.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coastal classic

Most of the TV Lift Cabinet models we have at ImportAdvantage.com have traditional stained wooden finishes.  Although a nice piece of wooden furniture can look beautiful, we understand that there are some home decors that just don't blend well with the color of the wooden cabinets.

That is why we are proud to offer the Coastal Creations TV Lift Cabinet. It is finished in a beautiful white linen that will allow it to easily fit in a lot of decoration patterns.  It also helps to give off a coastal, cottage, or antique appearance.

Like most of our models, the Coastal Creations TV Lift Cabinet comes with the TV lift mechanism which can easily raise and lower the TV into and out of the cabinet.  The heavy-duty rack and pinion drive system will ensure that the process goes a smoothly and silently as possible.  The infrared relay remote system allows you to still input commands with your remote without keeping your cabinet doors open.

So make sure to visit ImportAdvantage.com if you think that this, or any model, is something you'd like to have in your home.