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Monday, November 30, 2009

A TV Lift Saved My Marriage


Just like any retailer, we tend to get mail every now and again from customers wanting to let us know how we’re doing and what they think of our product. However, when we came across this letter a couple days ago it definitely stood out as one of the strangest endorsements we’ve ever received.

Dear Import Advantage,

I’m writing to let you know that the TV stand I recently purchased is single handedly responsible for saving my marriage. How, you may ask (or possibly not). Well I’m going to tell you.

Like most red blooded American’s, I love me some good TV. Usually it’s sports, but in all honesty, I’m really not that picky. If there’s nothing else on, I’m certainly not above slumming it with The Girls Next Door or a VH1 Behind the Music special (Did you know Bobby Brown was voted out of New Edition???). So, after months of squabbling with my wife about the fact that it was time to finally upgrade our painfully obsolete 36 inch Sony Wega, I decided to just go off the grid and take matters into my own hands.

What started as a trip to Best Buy to get a couple DVDs culminated in the purchase of a glorious 48 inch LCD. Most likely it was equal parts: great deal, overwhelming desire for a new TV, and frustration with my wife’s spending habits failing to include anything I actually deem important. In any event, I returned home with my new trophy and was immediately met by bitching and moaning the likes of which you wouldn’t believe. “Where are we gonna put that?” “That is way too big!” And, “What the hell were you thinking?” are some of the tamer phrases that were tossed around. After a bitter back and forth, the argument ended with me saying “Just leave it alone, I’ll figure something out,” and storming upstairs.

I immediately started looking for viable options that would allow me to hide the TV and prevent my wife from being able to play the “It just doesn’t fit” card and make me take it back. I was not about to return to Best Buy with my tail between my legs because the wifey wouldn’t let me keep it. My manhood would never recover from that.

Fortunately, my furious research brought me to your site. After clicking around several of your TV lifts, I found one that seemed like it would blend in perfectly with the furniture we already had in our family room. In an act of “F it, I’m doubling down” desperation, I decided to go for it. Even if it didn’t work out, I figured this would be a great stall tactic to get me past the narrow return policy window.

A week later, the stand arrived and I quickly assembled it and setup my new TV inconspicuously at the center of our family room. My wife was less than thrilled, but I’d effectively dismantled her complaints about the TV dominating the entire room. Instead of having a perpetually displayed eyesore (which I think is beautiful by the way) we now have a great piece of furniture. I’m pretty sure she’s still not totally happy with the way this all played out, but in the end I got to keep my new TV, and she has a solution she’s at least willing to live with.

I’m not sure what would have happened if you hadn’t come through for me in a pinch. I’m pretty sure it would have ended with either me returning the TV and heading into a downward spiral of shame at the sad shell of a man I’ve become, or, with my wife divorcing me because I’m such a stubborn a-hole. Either way, thanks for helping me out.


Manhood Still Intact

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre-Black Friday Deal From Import Advantage

So you've just purchased the flat screen TV you've been dreaming about the last couple of months.  With all the in-store specials running on the latest and greatest new TV models, a new TV was sure to make it to the top of your holiday wish list this season.  You now have yourself a beautiful new flat screen TV that you want to show off as your guests visit during the holidays but is your existing TV cabinet lacking style and functionality?

Now is the time to consider our gorgeous black finish Moderna TV lift cabinet.  At Only $1,099, you can't miss out on saving 73% off its original price of $3,999.  This cabinet can be positioned in the living room or bedroom and features bottom storage placement for your electronics and has a built-in infrared relayed system so you can operate the remote behind the cabinet's closed doors.

TV lift cabinet

Not only impress your friends and family with your new flat screen TV, but also impress them with the style and functionality of this Moderna TV lift cabinet.  We just couldn't wait till Friday to share this fantastic deal with you!

A Few Reasons to Love Your TV - and Your TV Lift

We love our TVs. We have loved them since they were first introduced in the 1950’s when the only available picture option was black-and-white.

Things have changed a great deal since the early days of TV…but not our love for it! Entire rooms are now built around the TV-viewing experience. Many people have moved away from the traditional TV console and entertainment center; just as TV design has become increasingly streamlined, so has the furniture that houses our televisions.

Sleek TV stands are now manufactured in various sizes and shapes, offering everything from adjustable shelves to removable back panels for accessing the TV’s rear wiring unit.

Another option, offering greater space efficiency and safety than a TV stand, is a mounted TV. TV mounts are ideal for active families, because the TV itself remains “out of reach” for the toddlers and 4-legged family members, which means there is little chance of the TV – or your loved ones, being hurt. In 2006, 10 children died as a result of a television falling on them.

Mounted TV units are also wonderful space-savers. Since floor space is no longer required (usually the TVs are mounted to a wall or to the ceiling), the room in which you gather to watch TV together just got bigger! TV mounts are idyllic for kitchens and bathrooms, where counter space is at a premium!

Perhaps the ultimate in TV furniture upgrades is a TV lift cabinet or console. TV lifts use state-of-the art technology to manage your television and all of its accoutrements (including the cable box, the DVD player, TiVo, etc.)

Available in various operating methods (rack and pinion or telescopic design), TV lifts allow you to “lift” your TV to a specific viewing height using Infrared technology, with the simple push of a button. When TV time is over, another button push lowers the TV back into its cabinet or console for safe keeping until you want to watch again.

TV lift cabinets and consoles can be created to match your room’s décor, too. Research manufacturers who specifically offer TV cabinet/console customization, including wood tones and design motifs, for a seamless addition to your home!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Choosing the Right TV Cabinets

We all know that your TV is a major focus of your living room, but have you thought about how what your TV is housed in can impact the overall look and feel of your space? While it may not be the first thing on your mind while you're trying to catch your favorite show, the look of your TV cabinet helps to set the tone for the rest of the room, so it's important to make sure that you're choosing a TV cabinet that can work for your sense of style – and for the sense you want to create in your home.

For those who want an air of class and elegance in their space, a mahogany TV cabinet is usually best. This rich, dark wood with honeyed tones goes well with many home décor choices and helps to add warmth to any space without taking away from an air of sophistication.

Want something a bit more rustic? Then oak is the perfect fit. This durable hard wood will last and last, as long as you take care of it. Plus, depending on the finish you choose, you can feel free to go feminine or masculine with the overall look.

Finally, for a contemporary look and feel, choose a furniture piece with a mocha or black finish that offers a sleek look that's edgy and interesting. Go for something unexpected, like one of the Fireplace TV Cabinets or add on a few pieces of interesting hardware.

No matter what you type you choose, just know that ImportAdvantage.com is here to help with the TV cabinets you need to complete your favorite space.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Black Friday Deals are Coming Up - Are You Ready?

The holidays are coming up fast and you know what that means: Black Friday Sales. If you're expecting to get a fantastic deal on a new, flat-screen, LCD, or plasma screen TV, then be sure that your living room is ready once you get that steal home. Choosing the right TV lift or flat-screen TV stand doesn't have to be a race to the finish like Black Friday shopping. Instead, sit back and relax. ImportAdvantage.com has you covered when it comes time to find the right entertainment furniture for your Black Friday find.

At ImportAdvantage.com, we carry one of the net's largest and most beautiful section of hardwood TV lifts and entertainment furniture so that you'll never get caught stressing over the perfect one. From mahogany to pine, our hardwood pieces are handsome additions to any living space. Plus, ImportAdvantage.com offers these pieces and more at great prices so that you can always save a bundle – just think, there'll be more money for holiday shopping now!

Finally, ImportAdvantage.com ensures white glove delivery so that you'll never get a damaged TV stand or lift. It's that simple. We deliver high quality furniture at a great price – just the way it should be.

Friday, November 6, 2009

When Installing Your TV...

...pay attention to safety. Installing any electronic item may seem simple at first, but after further examination, one will find that there could be confusion or danger when one doesn't follow instructions. If you've just purchased a new TV, DVD player, or entertainment center, it's important to practice the right safety measures so that you can avoid any injury or risk to your technology. Looking to put in a new TV or other piece of technology? Then be sure to go through this checklist:

  1. Check to see if your TV has any frayed or exposed wires that could cause electrical shock or be a fire hazard.

  2. Is the faceplate of your electrical outlet warm or hot to the touch? If so, contact an electrician immediately as it could mean a serious wiring problem.

  3. If you do have any electrical outlets or cords that are in poor shape, make sure that they're replaced properly. Don't just try to do quick fixes.

  4. Make sure that you don't overload your circuit or outlet by using surge protectors to plug in any of your electronics.

  5. Never force a three-prong plug into a two-slot outlet.

  6. Make sure your plugs fit securely into outlets. Loose plugs in outlets can be potential fire hazards and should either be replaced or repaired.

  7. If you're concerned about the safety of your wiring, make sure you call an electrician. It's better to be safe than sorry.

  8. Make sure that you have all of the appropriate plugs and cables for your electronics. Don't try to substitute as it may cause damage or cause your electronics to not even work at all.